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It's key for us to design a landscape or driveway solution that works to your requirements, but equally looks good. We understand it can sometimes be hard to visualise the end product just from looking at samples. This is why we have developed a range of design tools to help bring to life your new landscape or driveway project.

Garden Design Planner Manchester

As part of any job, we bring on-board a designer to help bring our plans to life. It's a great way to experiment with different materials and samples to see what will best suit your taste.

Once the design and materials are approved the designer will cr eate CAD drawings that customers can keep and also use as a reference point during the production of the project.

We have the most competative prices in the industry. Along with a 5 year guarantee

    Some of our tools are outlined below:

  • Paving Planner - experiment with different layouts and pattern designs before confirming the quantities of each pave style required to lay the job .
  • Garden Design Planner - create 3D designs to bring your new garden to life. Add all features including walls, paving, fencing and plants to create an accurate image that you are happy to sign off on.
  • Driveway Visualiser upload a photo of your home and start to create your new driveway instantly. Try-out different materials for different looks before you choose your final design.
  • Garden Scrapbook - a great tool to collect ideas and inspiration for anything from plants to water features. Excellent to help visualise a theme for your new garden.
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Garden Design Manchester

What is a Marshalls Registered Installer

Marshalls have developed a national network of approved Landsca pe contractors and Driveway installers which has gained credibi lity in the market and support from customers throughout the UK

Marshalls provide their registered members with dif ferent awards to help create their own profile. Marshalls run periodic tests on their contractors and review work to apply 'Design Awards' to confirm we recognise certain skills. This also helps customers choose who they wish to work with.

Slabbing Design Manchester

Not only does Marshall's encourage certain skill levels, but Registered Marshalls' Installers can offer products such as the 'Fairstone range' whereby for every square metre of Fairstone paving sold, Marshalls will donate £1* to UNICEF.

This service is popular with our more ethical customers and shows that the Marshall team are also ethically aware and trying to do our bit to make the world a better place.